Swinging and Swaying..

Today’s confession is that I often find the entertainment onboard some of the ships a little lacklustre.  A little tired. Predictable and sometimes cheesy.   So when you come across a show, act or performance that you truly enjoy they become memorable.  My most recent favourites have been most of the entertainment onboard Ovation of the Seas,  the Rock Show on the Carnival Legend, Tony Lewis as Robbie Williams onboard the Sun Princess, and most recently the Man from Snowy River who’s turned his hand to keeping Swing alive.  Yes indeed, his traded his iconic cracking of the whip, to swinging those hips as he belts out some classic beauties that you just can’t help but truly adore.  Tributes to Sammy Davis Jnr, Bobby Darrin, and ol’ Blue Eyes himself Frank Sinatra.

In fact, Tom Burlinson was chosen by Tina Sinatra to portray him in the LA filmed mini-series Frank.  The moment he starts singing, you can tell why.   He has an amazing voice and the ability to capture the essence and style of the artists and songs that date all the way back to the 1920’s !   Modern day swing men Michael Buble and Harry Connick Jnr also get a look in, and if you’re not singing away by the time Tom kick’s into the chorus of Sway then you might just need to check your pulse…

Mac the Knife, La Mer (Somewhere beyond the sea…),  Nat King Cole’s Unforgetable and L.O.V.E, Feeling Good and Sway  all lead up to the people’s favourite and all time classic that transcends through the generations; New York, New York!

So start spreading the news…  there’s something for everyone onboard your next cruise holiday.  So add the ship’s Theatre as one of your destinations on your next holiday.


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