How to grab a great cruise deal

I get asked a lot about how to hook a good cruise deal, so I have some tips to share;

Tip 1: When you’re on your next cruise, book your next cruise !! There’s some great opportunities to score OBC to spend on your current cruise, and discounted deposits for your future one.

Tip 2: if you have a family of 5 or 6 consider family rooms like the awesome Panoramic Family rooms on Explorer and Voyager of the Seas. Very reasonable prices for what you’re getting. If you have the budget consider splurging on a 2 bedroom suite for added luxury and comfort.

Tip 3: if you’re not going to drink yourself silly every day on the cruise then you should consider which drink package option is best for you. Just because it has drinks included it may not be a good fare..

Tip 4: Yes special occasion cruises may have a sale last minute but why spend the whole year worried about whether you’ll get on. Unless you’re genuinely spontaneous, take any room kind of person then it’s not worth waiting to the end.

Tip 5: cruises are like flights and accommodation.. they go up and down according to type and demand. The fares can decrease as they clear out any unpaid groups etc but will mostly increase.

Tip 6: get a group together (8x twin rooms) and hit your agent up for a group rate and anything else the cruise line can offer!

Tip 7: don’t go in school holidays if you want a cheap price. Just after them are often better value for money.

Tip 8: subscribe to your agent’s deals list and allow them to send them to your inbox.

Tip 9:  ask your agent if you can pay it off without extra fees

Tip 10: if you can’t afford it now, go later! Give yourself something to look forward to and don’t pressure yourself into a cruise you’re not financially ready for.

Got any more tips to share ?   Comment below 


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