Food Glorious Food

My husband and I love to people watch. One of my husband’s sadistic pleasures on a cruise vacay is to watch the people gorging themselves in the ship’s buffet.

There’s the breakfast buffet, lunch buffet, dinner buffet, morning and afternoon teas in the cafe, midnight buffet, the free 24 hour pizza, hotdog stands, food making and tasting in speciality dining rooms and of course, if you’re still looking for more, there’s always room service.

No matter which ship you’re on; whether a 3 star or 5 star, American or English ship, small boutique ships or large mega-liners, it never takes long before you pass a smorgasbord of tasty temptations.

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Onboard a cruise ship you cannot escape it.   There is no diet.  You can hit the gym, you can take the stairs, you can walk the sports deck or join a sunrise yoga class, but cruise food, my dear readers, always seems to outweigh all efforts to avoid the unwanted cruise kilos.

What fascinates my husband is the way the buffet is turned into a daily sport.  All you can eat until you either puke or go ride out your food coma curled up on a deck chair.  What’s even more amazing is seeing those same people reappear in the Main Dining Room only hours later.   How do they do it?

Whether you’re out to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth, or simply out enjoying the fact that you don’t have to wash the dishes afterwards, be mindful of your intake people…  The Cruise Kilo phenomenon is not a myth !


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