Captain Crush

Whilst onboard the super mega-liner Ovation of the Seas for a short 3 night cruise, I set out to madly explore one of the world’s largest ships in a relatively short amount of time.  Oh, did I mention there were around 4,500 others onboard all trying to do the same thing..

Needless to say, it was a like watch worker bees in a beehive – all on a mission…

… and so it was on night 2 of the whirlwind cruise,  somewhere in between the main dining room and a rendezvous with friends already congregated at their favourite bar, than unexpectedly happened upon the “Captain’s Welcome Party”.   This was not the usual private event in a cordoned off lounge area, but in the main thoroughfare aka the Royal Promenade, where I was met with a glass of champagne and a photo op with the Captain.

Whilst I’d heard him over the PA for the regular 12pm announcement, I was yet to lay eyes on him, and first impressions were WOW!   He’s young, he’s tall and I mean very tall and rather good looking with a well practiced “smile for the camera” pose.

Knowing nothing about him, I set about to find out more…

Captain Henrik Loy  – Ovation of the Seas – Photo: Daily Mail UK
  • Captain Henrik Loy is his name
  • Loy took over control of the ship on 23 Dec 2016
  • He’s incredibly tall (at least 6’4″)
  • He’s from Norway
  • He’s 41 years old, married to Karina with two young children.
  • He’s currently Captain of the largest ship to ever visit Down Under.

There’s a lot to admire about the commanding officer of the cruise ship you’re sailing on.   We’ve all heard stories of incidents at sea, not just with the weather but with technical issues, medical and of course passenger issues..

I have another person who I have not yet met but would love to one day. Captain Kate McCue.   She’s America’s first female cruise Captain, working with Celebrity Cruises and currently sailing the Caribbean.

Captain Kate McCue  – Photo: @captainkatemccue


Her partner is a Chief Engineer.

She’s a fashionista.

She’s clearly admired and respected by her peers and crew.

Do yourself a favour a follow her on instagram @CaptainKateMcCue

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Who’s your Captain Crush??


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